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Below are the different levels of education and qualifications we offer. Please contact Cheapest Valium Online Uk for more details.

Entry Level Log Book

Entry level horse care where you will learn basic stable management and horse care.

Intermediate Level Log Book

We have our intermediate level where you will progress from novice entry by starting to look at higher standard horse care in more detail.

Senior Level Log Book

Our senior level entry will be your final log book with us, in which you will be able to show all the knowledge you have gained throughout the process and will be able to show you can work and care for horses to a high standard and prove yourself competent of working within the equine industry.

Equitation Tests A – E

Equitation Tests 1 – 10

Stable Management A-E Tests

Stable Management Tests 1 – 10

Introduction to Riding and Road Safety

Rosette Awards

Stable Management Rosette Categories

  • Points of the Horse – Orange
  • Saddlery – Brown
  • Native Breeds – Green
  • Grooming – Blue
  • Tack Cleaning – Sky Blue
  • Poisonous Plants – Red
  • Feeds & Feeding – Pink
  • Pony Health – Purple
  • The Foot & Shoeing – Cream
  • Leading Ponies – Yellow

Riding Rosette Categories (Polka Dot)

  • Mounting & Dismounting – Pink
  • Start, Stop & Steer – Blue
  • Rising Trot – Orange
  • Sitting Trot – Green
  • Circles – Red
  • Walk & Trot No Stirrups – Purple
  • Trot Diagonals – Yellow
  • Changes of Rein – Magenta
  • Canter Aids & Position – Navy
  • Canter Circles – Black

Please contact Cheapest Valium Online Uk for more details.

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