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Beach Riding
"No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle"
Winston Churchill
Beach Riding
"I've often said there's nothing better for the inside
of a man than the outside of a horse"
Ronald Reagan

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Enjoying a milder climate and more sunshine hours than most other parts of the UK has made the Isle of Wight a popular destination for holidays and short breaks. Add in hundreds of miles of off road bridleways, spectacular landscapes and dozens of sandy beaches the IOW is the perfect destination for a UK horse riding holiday.

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3 Day Riding Holiday:

Prices from £399 per person*
Buy Valium 2Mg to see example itinerary.

(*Based on 4 people sharing a 3 bedroom cottage)

4 Day Riding Holiday:

Prices from £499 per person*
Can I Buy Valium Over The Counter In Spain to see example itinerary.

(*Based on 4 people sharing a 3 bedroom cottage)

Beach Rides

Being centrally located on the Island there is a good choice of different beach rides within easy reach of the riding centre. Trips to the beach are organised around tide times and include Ryde, Yaverland, Yarmouth and Bembridge beaches. Early starters can enjoy a full cooked breakfast at their destination whilst afternoon rides can be accompanied by a cream tea.

Beach Riding

Trail Rides

Large parts of the Island are designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and what better way to see it than from horseback. Our trail rides are a great way to explore the Island and make friends within a group ride. Riders of any ability can participate with experienced guides on hand and safe horses happy to follow the rest of the group. For the more experienced riders we are happy to provide bridleway maps allowing you to choose your own rides.

Trail Riding

Bring Your Own Horse

The Isle of Wight is easily accessible for horse boxes and lorries (with special ferry travel rates available) and we are happy to provide DIY, part or full livery for the duration of your stay, so why not give your horse a holiday too!

Bring your own horse

Learn to Ride

Our horse riding breaks will give beginners and novices the chance to learn to ride and develop their skills in a relaxed, friendly environment with lessons from our qualified instructors on horses and ponies that will be matched to the riders’ ability.

Bring your own horse

Riding Lessons

Following an initial assessment our instructors will tailor lessons to suit your goals which can include dressage and show jumping tuition or developing your confidence in the saddle.



The self-catering holiday units can cater for between 2 and 12 guests at a time so groups, families and individual riders are all welcome. Some of our units have been purpose built to cater for disabled guests too with downstairs bedrooms and wet-rooms suitable for wheelchair users, and as an RDA (Riding for the Disabled Association) accessible kite mark centre we have accessible riding facilities and qualified instructors on site too.

Guests can enjoy a continental breakfast in their accommodation or the occasional cooked breakfast when out on an early morning beach ride. In the evenings we have a selection of local eateries close by or why not enjoy a beachfront cocktail or cosy country pub around the Island.


The Isle of Wight

The IOW has lots of activities for non-riders too including golf, cycling, walking, sailing, clay pigeon shooting, go-karting, paragliding and various water sports. Visitor attractions start right next door at Monkey Haven or a short walk to Butterfly World. A short drive takes you to Robin Hill, Blackgang Chine, Carisbrooke Castle, Osborne House, Godshill Model Village, The Needles Landmark Attraction, Isle of Wight Zoo, Amazon World the list goes on. Why not try the Isle of Wight Steam Railway or even go on a dinosaur hunt……OR just relax on one of the award winning beaches.


Opened in 2017 our facilities include a 60m by 40m outdoor fibrewax sand school, an on site off-road hacking track and for later in 2018 our indoor riding arena which will include a café, restaurant, shop and classroom as well as a fibrewax 60m by 25m sandschool for year round all-weather riding lessons.

So why not give a UK riding holiday a go and explore the Isle of Wight from horseback!

Win a Riding Holiday

Competition ends at midnight on Friday 31/10/2018. The winner will be drawn at random on 01/11/18 and announced on Facebook and on the Island Riding Centre website. Terms & Conditions apply and are available by emailing Order Valium Online Australia.

Win a free Riding Holiday at the Island Riding Centre for 4 people for a 4 day stay in the luxury holiday accommodation, worth more than £2,000! For the steps to enter, see below. Either:

1. Like us on Valium Order Overnight Delivery and share the competition post OR

2. Fill in the contact form below with the following message “I would like to be entered in the free prize draw to win a Riding Holiday on the Isle of Wight!”.

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