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The unique full membership we have at Island Riding Centre is essential for all keen horse riders, whether aspiring or established. Whilst you do not have to be a member to ride with us, having a membership will allow you to book block lessons in advance giving you a further discount on your lessons. Progress is swift through weekly sessions following a carefully structured development programme with one of our instructors. Also as a member you will benefit from a 10% discount against non-member prices.

The membership is designed to ensure our clients get the best possible value and customer care. By selecting a convenient slot for yourself on a set day at a set time ensures you receive the minimum requirement of 2 rides a month which is essential to keep building upon fitness and retain muscle memory.

Through your dedicated sessions we can then help you to create your own personal development programme, with the assistance of our instructors.

Benefits of membership – the right instructor, the right peer group, the right horses, a development programme designed just for you. Without the membership, each ride becomes a single riding session with no future progression plan. When becoming a member, you will receive an Island Riding Centre polo shirt and hat. You will also be sent all details of up and coming events and offers.

Types of Membership

There are two types of membership at Island Riding Centre:

1. Full Membership

This membership is designed for Island residents. This will entitle the member to 10% discount off all lesson prices. Also, when booking in advance block bookings of 5 or more lessons you will receive a further 10% discount.

2. Associate Membership

This membership is designed for our mainland clients and people on holiday. This will entitle you to a block lesson discount while here on your stay or when you return again to the Island Riding Centre. When booking 5 lessons you will then receive a 6th private lesson for free during your stay.

What does a full membership cost?

A full membership costs £30, then a monthly payment up front for a minimum of 2 lessons at the appropriate lesson price (group/private.)  Once you are a member all lessons can be booked at the discounted rate.

What does an associate membership cost?

An Associate membership costs £30 only.


Similar to other types of club membership you pay a monthly subscription in advance via direct debit which covers the cost of your 2 lessons per month. Alternatively, an annual payment can be made.


Please note that horse riding is an outdoor activity therefore we continue in all weathers. If requested horse knowledge and care sessions, which will be part of your development programme, can be provided instead of riding and will also be provided on the rare occasions it is unsafe to ride.

As a matter of courtesy please always let us know if you can’t make your lesson, even if this has to be at the last minute. A minimum of a full twenty-four hours’ notice period is required to enable transfer of a lesson, and one full week’s notice is necessary to cancel or transfer an all-day activity. If appropriate notice is not provided, cancellation will occur without transfer.

Lessons can only be transferred once and have to be re-booked within a maximum period of three months, or they are forfeited.  Cancelled sessions cannot be accrued, refunded or transferred to another person.

Membership cancellation

Membership can be cancelled by providing four weeks’ notice in writing, which includes e-mail and we will then cancel your Direct Debit. Island Riding Centre reserves the right to refuse or cancel individual membership at any time.