Wight Horse CIC

The Wight Horse Community Interest Company (CIC) is a not for profit organisation focussed on providing equestrian activities for children and adults with physical limitations, special educational needs and social difficulties.

The CIC aims to provide a suitable learning environment to develop physical, mental and social skills using horses either through riding, horse care or an outdoor stable yard environment.

Fund raising activities will enable the CIC to provide subsidised and – where possible – free riding and stable management opportunities, the very latest equipment and facilities, as well as suitably trained staff in a convenient location so that horse riding is accessible for everyone.

Wight Horse CIC registered in England company number 10828984.

Go to Wighthorse.co.uk for more info, how to sign up and events.

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Our Free Activity Clubs are running this summer – we have 320 spaces for the island’s low income community for kids aged 6-16.

The kids have mucked out, groomed, bonded with and been riding with our horses and ponies and they’ve all had a good dose of fresh air, new experiences (horse riding) and yummy hot meals!
We need your support to raise more funds to reach the island’s community – can you spare a few hours a week in our cafe? Can you help on our planning board? Are you able to help fundraise or provide corporate sponsorship?
Get in touch today info@wighthorse.co.uk
Happy Riding!

Go to Wighthorse.co.uk for more info, how to sign up and events.

Please Like & Follow Wight Horse CIC on Facebook

The Wight Horse Community Interest Company (CIC) supports horse riding and equine assisted therapy for children and adults with physical and financial limitations.

Our aim is to make horse riding accessible for everyone whatever their situation and in addition provide educational opportunities and the therapeutic benefits from spending time with and around horses in a safe welcoming environment.

We work with the Island’s community; schools with children that have special needs and children excluded from main stream schooling due to social difficulties and widen these opportunities in the future.

We have forged a strong partnership with The Isoroppia Foundation which is a wellbeing organisation that has been designed to empower individuals to take responsibility to become the best version of themselves.

Our work with young offenders, those at risk and those who have suffered since the Coronavirus Pandemic is having a huge impact and positive benefit.

Our partnership with The Isle of Wight Council has gone from strength to strength and alongside the Council, we are reaching out to the island’s children to provide 420 spaces on our free school activity clubs over school holidays.

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With the opening of the Changing Places facility at Island Riding Centre this year the CIC will be able to welcome both Island families and visitors to the Island with severe disabilities in the knowledge that they have a safe, clean environment to use, giving them greater independence and improving quality of life. Going forward we hope raise enough money to introduce a ‘para-hoist’ capable of lifting a wheelchair user straight from their chair on to a horse.

Are you local business with a big heart?

We are looking for corporate sponsorship and partnerships to help us reach out to more of the island’s in-need community.

Get in touch today: info@wighthorse.co.uk and help us make a change.