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We host regular competitions and events for horse riders and owners of all abilities throughout the year.

We’ll keep you informed right here or you can follow us on Buy Valium Diazepam, Valium Antenex Buy Online Australia or Valium Buying Online for the very latest news.

Buy Diazepam From India, Where To Buy Valium In Dublin


(Date Tide Dependant): Advanced Beach Ride,
Saturday 7th: ABRS Day,
Sunday 15th: Dressage Series,
Sunday 22nd: Advanced & Intermediate Hack,
Wednesday 25th: Wednesday Night Jumping,
Friday 27th: Own a Pony Day,
Saturday 28th: ABRS Day,
Sunday 29th: Jump Series,


(Date Tide Dependant): Novice Beach Ride
Saturday 4th: ABRS Day
Sunday 5th: Jump Series
Wednesday 8th: Advanced Hack
Friday 10th: Own a Pony Day
15th – 17th: Summer Camp
Monday 20th: Novice Hack
Thursday 23rd: Intermediate Hack
Saturday 25th: ABRS Day
Saturday 26th: Dressage Series
Monday 27th: Showing Show
Wednesday 29th: Wednesday Night Jumping
Wednesday 29th: Own a Pony Day


(Date Tide Dependant): Intermediate Beach Ride
Saturday 1st: ABRS Day
Sunday 2nd: Dressage Series
Sunday 9th: Advanced Hack
Sunday 16th: Novice Hack
Wednesday 26th: Wednesday Night Jumping
Saturday 29th: Time Trails
Sunday 30th: Jumping Championship – 6 Bar


(Date Tide Dependant): Advanced Beach Ride
Saturday 6th: ABRS Day
Sunday 7th: Puissance – Jumper of the Year
Sunday 14th: Advanced Hack, Intermediate, Novice
Sunday 21st: Dressage Series
Wednesday 24th: Wednesday Night Jumping
Saturday 27th: ABRS Day
Sunday 28th: Halloween Show


(Date Tide Dependant): Novice and Intermediate Beach Ride
Saturday 3rd:
Sunday 4th: 
Advanced and Intermediate Hack
Sunday 11th:
Dressage Series
Sunday 18th:
Novice Hack
Saturday 24th:
Wednesday 28th:
 Wednesday Night Jumping


(Date Tide Dependant): Advanced Beach Ride
Saturday 1st: ABRS Day
Sunday 2nd: Advanced, Intermediate, Novice Hack
Sunday 16th: Dressage Series
Wednesday 26th: Wednesday Night Jumping
Saturday 29th: ABRS Day

A5 Dressage Show Schedule

Unaffiliated Dressage – [Valium Online Uk 2013]

Starting Sunday 9th July, 10am, Entry Fee: £10

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Open to horses and ponies riders 4 years and over. Classes for all levels from Intro to Elementary. 1st Place prize for each class is £15 with rosettes going from 1st to 6th.

There are 6 shows in our series in total.

You score points in each class that then are added up on our final championship show.
The winners of each class will receive a sash and a prize. We will also have an overall show winner to the rider with the most points.

1st = 6 points | 2nd = 5 points | 3rd = 4 points | 4th = 3 points | 5th = 2 points | 6th = 1 point

Warm-up will be on grass until our new warm up arena is in place.

Next Dates: 23rd July, 6th August,
20th August, 3rd September, 17th September.