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Would you like to update your horse first aid knowledge and make better decisions for your horse?

Are you sick of being unsure when to call the vet out and when you can cope on your own?

Wondering what you should have in your horse first aid kit?

Want to save money on your vet’s bills?

Join us on this popular one day workshop at Island Riding Centre, running from 10-4pm on 28th October with Kate from Vectis Vets delivering the training. The course costs just £75 per person and you will receive:

  • Lunch and all refreshments included
  • Certificate from the BHS and goodie bag
  • Printed materials to take away so you don’t forget what you learn

Email Nicola for more details. Alternatively, learn more on their Valium Buy Australia.

Check out course reviews and feedback from happy owners on Facebook (Is Buying Valium Online Illegal In Australia).

We look forward to seeing you there!