For kids under 12, Pony Pampers are a great way to meet and bond with the ponies before you ride them.

It’s a fantastic introduction to ponies and horses and you’ll be sure to make the best of friends with your pony.

You’ll spend 15 minutes grooming your pony, talking to it and making pals with it.. You’ll then mount the pony and ride out for 15 minutes.

Depending on the weather you’ll either ride in the indoor arena or you’ll have a little walk on the hacking track.

Best clothes to wear – boots/wellies, leggings or long trousers.

Happy riding!

You’ll arrive at Island Riding Centre and check in at reception 15 mins before your slot, you’ll then head over to the stables arches to wait for your groom.

Look out for Albert and Buster our rescue cats – they’re always keen to make new friends.

Your groom will take you to the tack room where you’ll get your helmet (and boots) fitted.

After you have your helmet and boots you’ll go into the yard and meet your pony.

Your groom will tell you all about the pony, you’ll be given brushes and you’ll spend 15mins grooming the pony, brushing its hair and of course taking lots of photos.

Now you’re ready to mount your pony and go for a ride! Your groom will help you into the saddle and they’ll show you how to hold your reins.

And off you go!! You’ll have a ride around and maybe a trot if you’re feeling ready – don’t forget to enjoy yourself and share your photos with us on facebook!