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ABRS Update 7th November

Lockdown #2 Update 7th November

Updated BE Guidance:

The clarification on how the lockdown legislation is interpreted in the context of riding continues, with British Equestrian representing the combined views of the member bodies.  Further clarification was received last night from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) and where this changes the ABRS’ Lockdown 2 Q&As, these are highlighted in RED.  British Equestrian are still seeking further clarity from Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) regarding some possible equine welfare issues within the guidance and this is likely to lead to further guidance being published in the coming week.  While we all would like total clarity, there will remain areas of ambiguity; riding establishments will need to interpret the rules and guidance in the context of their specific circumstances.  Members can contact the ABRS office for advice.

  • Q: Do I have to close my riding school or livery yard?
  • A: No, the legislation did not include the mandatory closure of riding schools or livery yards, Riding centres and schools may remain open and deliver formal training and education but owners need to comply with the overarching legislation associated with how people can meet and interact outdoors.
  • Q: Does that mean I can still provide lessons?
  • A: Yes, but there are restrictions.  The legislation allows for coaching on a one-to-one basis, and for riding centres and schools to deliver formal training and education.  Formal training comprises courses such as the CIEC, BTEC etc.  Education could include where a school regularly books a riding as part of their curriculum.
  • Q: Can my livery clients come to the yard?
  • A: Yes, clients can travel from their homes to provide care for and to exercise their horse(s) but journeys should be as short and infrequent as possible
  • Q: Can my clients ride their horses?
  • A: Yes, outdoor exercise (individual or with members of their household (own or linked), or one other person who is not a member of their household) is permitted in a public outdoor place.  This should be done for exercise purposes only (horse welfare) and ideally start and end at the yard where the horse is kept.

Note:  we are trying to seek clarity on what is a ‘public outdoor place’.

  • Q: Is hacking allowed?
  • A: Yes
  • Q: Can horses be boxed and travel for exercise?
  • A: Yes, to a public outdoor place such a park, forest or beach for exercise (where horses are permitted) but journeys should be as short and infrequent as possible
  • Q: Can I use my Arena?
  • A: Yes, subject to social distancing and number restrictions.   Clients may box and travel their horse(s) a short distance to use a private arena for exercise purposes.
  • Q: Are visits by vets, equine dentists and physiotherapists permitted?
  • A: Yes, subject to social distancing.
  • Q: Are competitions and organised training permitted?
  • A: No, All competition and organised training has been suspended by British Equestrian.
  • Q: Can I hire equestrian facilities?
  • A: No, you may nottravel to a venue and pay to ride on the premises (arenas, farm tracks, gallops, jumps, cross country schooling, etc.).  Venues which normally offer this service should suspend hire.
  • Q: Can I still coach?
  • A: Yes, Coaches may continue to operate.  Sessions should be delivered on a one-to-one basis.  There are no limits on the number of sessions a coach may provide each day.


Lockdown 2.0

IRC Policy during Lockdown 2.0

Please follow our Covid 19 instructions which are displayed around the site at all times


We will continue to book lessons using the EC Pro app as the office is unlikely to be staffed. Lessons will be more limited so please check the app regularly for updates and look out for notifications via the app. We will be responding to emails and Facebook messages.

We are open for private one to one lessons only, all group lessons will be suspended. Some one to one lessons show under group activities but to be clear these are one to one sessions.

Only existing clients of IRC can book lessons, we are sorry but we cannot take any new clients during lockdown.

We are currently offering lessons to confident riders only ie riders that require instruction only and no additional assistance eg leading, sorry but no beginners at this time.

Semi private lessons for members of the same family will continue but we are monitoring the new rules closely.

You will not be able to choose your horse/pony at this time as we need to ensure that horses are rotated to ensure tack and saddles are cleaned properly between riders.

If you need to cancel your lesson please do so via the app. Normal cancellation policy applies and you will be credited automatically via the app where appropriate.


Sorry there are no spectators allowed. You can wait with your child until the lesson starts and help them get on the horse/pony and adjust the stirrups etc, then please return to your car.

After the lesson, you can come back into the yard to collect your child.

All of our staff are DBS checked and have safeguarding training so it is safe to leave your child with them for the duration of the lesson.

For the time being the toilets are not in use for spectators.

Last updated 6th November 2020