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Ade Adepitan

TV presenter and paralympic wheelchair basketball athlete Ade Adepitan MBE and rising music star Elle Exxe were the first guests at the Island Riding Centre. There they met some of the riding school ponies and officially opened the centre’s new fibrewax outdoor arena.

Accommodation Plans

These floor plans are of some of the ground floors of our units, with further bedrooms and bathrooms upstairs for family members / carers.

BELOW: One of our guests, Tony, makes use of our adjustable-height worktop.

Accessible Accommodation

Accessible Accommodation

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Accessible Accommodation

The three limited mobility and wheelchair accessible units have added features to the smoke alarm which includes a flashing light and vibrating pillow for those with hearing or sight problems.

All of our accommodation units open off from a courtyard and have low-level thresholds to aid wheelchair access, and parking available immediately adjacent to the holiday accommodation with an electric car charging point.

Vix Lowthian Green Party

ABOVE: Vix Lowthion (right) of the Green Party with Louise Buckner next to one of our electric car charging points.

Our separate bungalow has a large open plan living area with plenty of space to manoeuvre with four bedrooms and four bathrooms meeting the M1 standard.

The bungalow by nature has everything on one level and there are optional ramps, hoist and grab rails available on request for all units.

We are hoping to have a specialist hoist for lifting disabled riders onto a horse by summer 2018, as well as a purpose built mounting ramp.

Moving around the site is made that much more easy with paths, ramps and resting points.